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A resolution for consideration by the SIUE Staff Senate on 4 May 2017.


WHEREAS, the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees (Board) was scheduled to discuss the diversion of unrestricted funds (commonly referred to as a “loan”) from the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) campus to the Carbondale (SIUC) campus on 6 April 2017; and

WHEREAS, this Staff Senate passed a resolution on that day outlining its concerns with such a diversion and opposing in principle the diversion of such funds until the relevant SIUE constituency groups could be consulted; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Randy Dunn, the SIU System president, has since published more information about the nature of the diversion of funds; and Dr. Randy Pembrook, the chancellor of the Edwardsville campus, has addressed campus constituency groups about the realities facing the System; and

WHEREAS, the Staff Senate of SIUE has no desire to see permanent harm done to the System, its colleagues on the Carbondale or Springfield campuses, or its constituents, colleagues, and students on the Edwardsville campus; and

WHEREAS, the only viable option for the Carbondale campus to continue daily operations is to receive a diversion of unrestricted funds from the Edwardsville campus, and

WHEREAS, the Board has not yet publicized its agenda for an anticipated special meeting, including any authorizing language for any transfer of funds; and

WHEREAS, the Board or the System President have yet to adequately address the concerns outlined by both the Faculty and Staff Senates of SIUE, including the terms of any such loan, any projected collateral offered to SIUE, a scheduled plan for repayment, a limit on the amount or duration of such a loan; and

WHEREAS, SIUC is scheduled to present its financial plan at the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting in July; and 

WHEREAS, as of the date of this resolution, SIUC has not communicated any specifics (aside from broad statements in the press) to reduce its spending and re-align its budgetary, operational, and curricular priorities;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, THAT the Staff Senate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville again registers its objections in principle to any such loan between the SIUE and SIUC campus; and

THAT the Staff Senate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville recognizes the unfortunate necessity to facilitate at least some portion of a loan at this time; and

THAT the SIUE Staff Senate calls on the Board of Trustees to give a full hearing to the specifics of such a loan, including answering the questions raised in this resolution and the resolution(s) that may have been passed by the SIUE Student Senate and/or Faculty Senate; and

THAT the amount authorized be limited to an amount necessary to sustain Carbondale until the July 2017 Board of Trustees meeting.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT before any longer-term loan is considered, the Board of Trustees, the System President, the Chancellor of SIUC, and/or the Chancellor of SIUE communicate and legally implement a “floor” level and a definitive end date, beyond which borrowing by the SIUC will not be allowed and beyond which lending by SIUE will not be expected; and 

THAT any such loan includes a definitive end date, beyond which further Board action will be required;

THAT in consideration of this loan, the Staff Senate urges in the strongest way possible that the Board of Trustees, the System President, the Chancellor of SIUC, and the Chancellor of SIUE engage in a public discussion of and act to address the structural inequity in the distribution of state appropriate funds between the SIUC and SIUE campuses, especially as outlined by the SIUE Faculty Senate “Resolution in Support of a SIU System Reapportionment;” and

THAT given SIUE’s role in the diversion of funds, that SIUE leadership be included in any discussion of Carbondale’s plans for reductions and reallocations for the duration of the loan; and 

THAT if any authorizing language for diversions of funds include stipulations that these requirements be met as a condition of the loan, while also allowing the re-evaluation of the loan if conditions are not met.

Upon passage by the University Staff Senate, this resolution should be presented to the President of the Southern Illinois University System, the members of the System Board of Trustees, the Chancellor of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, the Provost of SIUE, the presidents of the Faculty and Student Senates of SIUE, and the state representative and state senator who represent the SIUE area in the Illinois General Assembly.

The University Staff Senate authorizes the President, the University Governance Secretary, the Public Relations Chair of the Staff Senate, or any designee to post this resolution to any SIUE discussion list or listserv, and to forward copies of the resolution to the Alestle, the Edwardsville Intelligencer, and the Belleville News Democrat.

Unanimously Approved by the Staff Senate May 4, 2017


A resolution for consideration by the SIUE Staff Senate on 4 May 2017.





WHEREAS, as written in the Mission Statement, “Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is a student-centered educational community dedicated to communicating, expanding and integrating knowledge. In a spirit of collaboration enriched by diverse ideas, our comprehensive and unique array of undergraduate and graduate programs develops professionals, scholars and leaders who shape a changing world”; and

WHEREAS, as written in the Vision Statement, “Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will achieve greater national and global recognition and academic prominence through innovative and interdisciplinary programs that empower individuals to achieve their full potential”; and

WHEREAS, as written in the Values Statement, “Excellence: High quality learning within and beyond the classroom; Continuous improvement and innovation; Outstanding scholarship and public service”; and

WHEREAS, an equitable pay structure with competitive salaries is essential in attracting and retaining a skilled, motivated work force, thereby increasing the level of service to our students, our faculty, and our staff, and effectively promoting the university’s mission/vision/values of excellence and achievement; and

WHEREAS, while merit-based salary increases do have a beneficial effect on employee productivity and satisfaction in times of economic feasibility when properly applied; however, all employees are affected by the yearly increase of the cost of living; and

WHEREAS, the cost of living in Illinois has increased considerably since August 2012, and this has caused a significant impact to the majority of staff, which is now and will be further aggravated by any increase in insurance, health care costs, and cost of living; and

WHEREAS, staff salaries have been stagnant since 2013, contributing to salary compression and inversion within and across colleges and departments; and

WHEREAS, during this same time, the Consumer Price Index for metropolitan Midwestern areas has increased from 220.462 in August 2012 to 228.633 in February 2017, 1 substantially increasing staff members’ cost of living, a 3.71% cost of living increase since 2012; and

WHEREAS, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville continues to lose experienced staff, who make significant contributions to the quality and success of the university by promoting the university’s mission/vision/values of excellence and achievement; and

WHEREAS, the failure to compensate staff adequately has compounding damaging and depressing effects on staff retirement benefits; and

WHEREAS, the Staff Senate believes no cause for hope exists that state budget conditions for higher education will improve in the near future and that any possible increased funding from the State at some point in the future would be insufficient to adjust equitably (via merit-based raises or equity adjustment) staff wages that have been compressed over multiple years; and

WHEREAS, Staff Senate considers the problem of salary compression and inversion to be one of the most important issues facing current and future staff at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; and

WHEREAS, Staff Senate recognizes ongoing negotiations between specific staff groups;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, to aid the Staff of SIUE in effectively promoting the university’s mission/vision/values of excellence and achievement, to lessen the compounding damaging and depressing effects on staff retirement benefits, to lessen the effects of salary compression and inversion, and to reinvigorate staff morale, the Staff Senate respectfully requests that the SIUE University Administration submit to the SIUE Staff Senate Executive Committee no later than July 31, 2017, a credible plan for increasing the salaries of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville staff members that respects past and on-going labor negotiations, adheres to state or federal requirements but that is consistent with at least the cost of living adjustment calculated in this resolution.

Mover: Staff Senate Open Range Senators and Panel members FY 17 and FY 18

Unanimously Approved by the Staff Senate May 4, 2017

1 Consumer Price Index:


A resolution for consideration by the SIUE Staff Senate on May 5, 2016.

SIUE Facilities Management Sick and Vacation Use Procedures

Whereas the University Staff Senate represents Civil Service and Professional Staff of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Civil Service and Professional Staff employees participate in the shared governance of the University via the Senate and its Panels; 

Whereas those who make up the staff at SIUE are an essential component of the success of the institution and spend their days carrying out the key missions at SIUE, serving its students, faculty, and staff in innumerable ways and directly contributing to its continued success; 

Whereas SIUE provides benefits to all employees, including vacation and sick time;

Whereas the University has an established sick and vacation leave policy which has guidelines for proper use of provided benefits.

Whereas individual departments at SIUE may develop individual procedures to uphold SIUE policies that best meet the needs of their unit, in accordance with collective bargaining agreements;

Whereas employees in Facilities Management have expressed concerns about current practices related to sick and vacation leave procedures;

Whereas the University Staff Senate has been asked to assist this group of staff members;

Now Therefore, Be It Resolved that the SIUE Director of Facilities Management shall establish a task force of constituency groups within the Department and determine a fair and equitable procedure that creates a climate of mutual respect and adherence to the stated SIUE sick and vacation policies.

Be It Further Resolved that the University Staff Senate requests the continued support of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Administration to advocate for a solution that is fair and equitable to both employees and the Facilities Management Department.

Mover:  William Dusenbery, University Staff Senate
Seconder:  Todd Bartholomew, University Staff Senate
Approved unanimously

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