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Mailing Services

Mailing Services
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Who Can Rent? Requirements
Restrictions Fees
Mail Box Location Refusal Policy
Payment For Services Your Mailing Address

Who Can Rent Boxes?

Anyone who possesses one of the following:

  • A valid drivers license
  • A valid state identification card
  • A valid SIUE identification card


  • Employees/students must present:
  • A valid SIUE identification card
  • A valid Driver's License
  • A completed SIUE Mail Box Application form

Restrictions on Use

  • Only the authorized box holder will be allowed to receive mail at this mailbox. Individuals are not permitted to "share" a box.
  • Permissible Matter - Only matter that passes through the mail, official USPS notices or official SIUE mail may be placed in the mailbox.
  • Mail Accumulation - Box customers must remove mail promptly from their boxes. If mail is to accumulate for more than 30 days and an overflow condition is probable, the customer must make arrangements in advance with the SIUE Mailing Services.
  • Unlawful Activity - No mail box may be used for, or in connection with, a scheme or enterprise that does any of the following:
  • Violates any federal, state or local laws;
  • Breaches an agreement with a federal, state or local agency whereby the customer has agreed to discontinue a specified activity; or
  • Violates or attempts to evade an order of a court or administrative body.


Box Fees

  • Fees are collected annually or by semester. A notice will be placed in the box 30 days before the fee is due.
  • Box fees are $10 per semester or $25 per year.
  • Past-Due Box Fee - If a box customer fails to pay the fee by the due date or submits a change-of-address order, the lock will be plugged. Mail will continue to be distributed to the box up to 10 days. If after that time, the customer has not paid the fee or given other instructions, the mail will be removed from the box and be treated as undeliverable mail. (The mail will be returned to sender.)
  • Refund of Box Fee - No refund is made for any mailbox.

Key Fees

  • Key fee is $5.00 per key.
  • Refund of Key Fee - After terminating box service, the SIUE Mailing Services refunds to the box customer the key deposit.

Mail Box Location

  • Mailboxes are located at the SIUE Mailing Services, Rendleman Hall, lower level, adjacent to Room 0232.

Refusal Policy

  • SIUE Mailing Services may refuse to provide box service under any of the following circumstances:
  • The applicant submits a falsified application for box service;
  • The applicant physically abuses the box or violates any applicable regulation or;
  • There is substantial reason to believe that the box is being used for purposes that are deemed unlawful.


  • Make checks payable to SIUE. There will be a $25.00 fee for bank returned checks and stopped checks.  Mailbox may be reopened when payment and fees are paid in full.

Your Mailing Address would be:
SIUE #_ _ _
EDWARDSVILLE, IL 62026-_ _ _ _

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