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General Education Requirements for Honors Scholars Students - 1H2

To fulfill the General Education requirement, the Honors Scholars student will take at least 30 semester hours. Of these, a minimum of 8 courses to total at least 24 credit hours must be in the Breadth Areas. At least one course with at least three credit hours must be taken from each of the following Breadth Areas: Fine and Performing Arts, Humanities, Information and Communication in Society, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences. In addition, Honors Scholars students will be required to complete a course or an approved project or activity for each of the following Experiences: (i) Global Cultures, (ii) United States Cultures, (iii) Health, and (iv) Laboratory.  These courses will be allowed to fulfill the appropriate Breadth Area requirements.  The experience requirement cannot be satisfied by Foundations courses.

To complete their 30 hours, Honors Scholars students will be required to take three semester hours of an Honors Scholars Seminar (HONS 120) which includes work on composition and oral communication and is required of all entering Honors Scholars freshman students. Honors Scholars students will also be required to take three semester hours of an interdisciplinary honors seminar (HONS 320).

Transfer students accepted as Honors Scholars must meet the requirements outlined above through courses accepted for transfer or through University courses approved by the Director of the University Honors Program. This stipulation also applies to SIUE students accepted as Honors Scholars after their first semester at SIUE.

Questions arising as to whether certain courses count toward the fulfillment of the general education requirements for Honors Scholars will be resolved by the Director of the University Honors Program.  Appeals of the decision by the Director of the University Honors Program can be made to the University Honors Advisory Council.  Decisions of that body are final.

Approved by Chancellor effective 6/2/14
This policy was issued on July 15, 2014, replacing the July 30, 2012 version.
Document Reference: 1H2
Origin: CC 23-82/83; CC 4-91/92; CC 34-91/92; CC 13-96/97; CC 1-98/99; CC 2-00/01; CC 21-02/03; CC 13-11/12; CC 42-13/14

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