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Tutoring Resource Center



Sign In

All students entering the Tutoring Resource Center are required to sign in at the greeter desk at the entrance to the lab. Please bring your student ID with you.


The purpose of our TRC tutors is to assist or guide students so that they become independent learners.Tutors in the TRC are students like you and can easily be identified as they wear red (math & business) or blue (science) vests. Tutors provide expertise, experience and encouragement. They do not provide“answers”, but rather assist in problem-solving in getting answers. They will practice a similar problem with you—they are not here to do your homework problems for you! Please bring your textbook, classnotes and an attempted homework assignment with you to tutoring. The TRC is not a replacement for instructor office hours or for attending class. Tutors do not teach material, nor do they help cram for weeks of missed classes. If you are having trouble with a course, talk with your instructor about what you can do. The tutors in the TRC do not provide one-on-one tutoring. If you are in need of private tutoring, please contact the TRC coordinator.

Computer Usage

Computer use in the TRC is restricted. Computer use is limited to accessing programs for assignments, quizzes or any re-enforcement/skill building activities related to academic classes. Computers may also be used to access Blackboard courses or student email accounts. Other web browsing or personal computer use is prohibited. Students using computer resources for unapproved activities will be asked to log-off and release the computer station to other users.


The TRC is a study environment in which low-level discussion and study groups are both allowed and encouraged. Although efforts are made to control excessive noise and loud talking, the TRC cannot provide a library-like environment for quiet study.

Cell Phones

Because of the noise level, cell phone conversations in the TRC are discouraged. If you need to be available by cell phone while in the TRC, please answer your ring as quickly as possible and then take your phone out of the lab to continue/complete your call. Students who fail to observe this courtesy may be asked to turn off cell phones when in the center.

No Food or Drink

The Student Success Center has a No Food or Drink policy for all labs.


Students are expected to conduct themselves within the bounds of appropriate college classroom behavior. Students should conduct themselves with respect for fellow students, for TRC staff and for TRC equipment and resources. No loud or abusive behavior or bad language will be tolerated. The TRC staff reserves the right to ask any student displaying inappropriate conduct to leave the center immediately.

TRC Coordinator

Mary Lou Wlodarek
SSC 1252
(618) 650‑2055
Fax: (618) 650‑3448

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