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Khan Academy Video Tutorials

Pre-Algebra -

Video topics include:

  • Addition/subtraction and multiplication/division
  • Negative numbers and absolute values
  • Decimals (basic operations, rounding, percentages, significant figures, etc.)
  • Fractions (basic operations, equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, word problems, etc.)

Geometry -

Video topics include:

  • Basic geometry (lines, angles, shapes, coordinate place, area, volume, etc.)
  • Geometry tools and properties

Trigonometry -

Video topics include:

  • Trigonometry with right triangles (solving for a side/angle, special ratios, etc.)
  • Trigonometry with general triangles (law of sines, law of cosines)
  • Unit circle definitions of trig. functions (radians, graphs, trig. identities, etc.)
  • Graphs of trigonometric functions
  • Solving trigonometric equations

Beginning/Intermediate Algebra -

Video topics include:

  • One-variable and two varialbe linear equations and inequalities
  • Units of measurement
  • Functions (evaluating functions, interpreting functions, domain, range, piecewise functions, interpreting graphs, rates of change, etc.)
  • Word problems
  • Systems of equations
  • Absolute value functions and inequalities
  • Expressions with rational ezponents and radicals
  • Introduction to exponential functions
  • Introduction to polynomials
  • Polynomial factorizations (including factoring techniques)
  • Quadratic equations (including factoring techniques)

College Algebra -

Video topics include: 

  • Manipulating functions (composition, shifting, stretching, finding the inverse, etc.)
  • Introduction to complex numbers
  • Arithmetic with polynomial (addition/subtraction, multiplication, long/synthetic division)
  • Polynomial functions (factoring methods, finding zeros, end behaviors, graphs, symmetry)
  • Radical functions (solving, graphing, addition/subtraction, multiplications/division, etc.)
  • Exponential functions (equivalent forms, modeling growth and decay)
  • Logarithmic functions (properties of logs, change of base, solving, graphs)
  • Trigonometric functions

Pre-calculus -

Video topics include: 

  • Trigonometric equations and identities
  • Conic sections (equations of circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola)
  • Matrices (row operations, multiplying matrices, determinants, inverses, etc.)
  • Imaginary and complex numbers
  • Parametric equations and polar coordinates
  • Probability and combinatorics
  • Sequences and series overview
  • Preview to calculus topics

Probability -

Video topics include: 

  • Independent and dependent events (probability, Venn diagrams, basic set operations, etc.)
  • Probability and combinatorics (permutations, combinations)
  • Regression (scatter plots, linear regressions and correlations, residuals)
  • Introduction/overview to statistics topics

Calculus -

Video topics include: 

  • Pre-calculus review
  • Differential calculus (limits, derivatives, applications)
  • Integral calculus (integrals, techniques, applications, sequences, series)
  • Multivariable calculus (topics and overview)

Differential Equations -

Video topics include: 

  • First order differential equations (separable equations, homogeneous equations, etc.)
  • Second order differential equations (linear homogeneous equations, method of undetermined coefficients)
  • Laplace transforms

Linear Algebra -

Video topics include: 

  • Vectors and spaces (linear combinations and spans, linear dependence, subspaces, dot and cross products, null spaces, etc.)
  • Matrix transformations (linear transformations, inverse functions and transformations, determinants, transpose, etc.)
  • Alternate coordinate systems (orthogonal complements, orthogonal projections, change of basis, etc.)

TRC Coordinator

Mary Lou Wlodarek
SSC 1252
(618) 650‑2055
Fax: (618) 650‑3448

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