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Kimmel Student Involvement Center


Kimmel Student Involvment Center
The Kimmel Student Involvement Center believes leadership is a set of skills, behaviors, and attitudes held by those who make a difference in the world around them. We offer a number of opportunities for students to develop their leadership capacity. Whether you are just starting to get involved on campus or you are a well-established leader on campus, we have programs to help you better understand yourself and how to work well with others. Skills gained from these experiences will be invaluable in the workplace, in pursuing involvement in your local community, and in working with others. 
Some programs only require one hour of your time and others require a multi-year commitment.  Browse through our website to read more about our programs to figure out which opportunities are right for you. 
Students who engage fully in Leadership Programs will become proficient in the following competencies:
Goals and Vision Setting
Confidence and Competence
Problem Solving
Social Responsibility
If you are hoping to grow in one of these areas specifically, contact Leadership Programs staff to help you select with opportunities may be best suited for you. Interested in growing in a number of these areas, be sure to check out the LEAD Program! 
For more information, contact the following: 
Melinda Stitzel, Coordinator for Leadership Programs
Brigid Aslin, Graduate Assistant for Leadership Programs
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